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Help me fuck with PETA's vision of "sexy"! [Feb. 27th, 2010|02:47 pm]
I've been pissed about PETA's fat-phobic (not to mention racist, objectifying, and otherwise embarrassing) campaigning for a long time now. It wasn't a surprise to me to stumble upon their 'Sexist Vegetarian Next Door' contest and find that the vast majority of the women who've applied are thin (not to mention white, long-haired, big-breasted, and scantily clad). I don't mean to hold the fact that these women fit into normative beauty (and gender) standards against them, but rather to underscore the fact that these are clearly the people who feel 'sexy' enough to enter the contest, and are hooked in enough to PETA's circles to know to enter it. None of this is coincidental.
Being vegan or vegetarian does not automatically make you thin, and being thin does not automatically make you sexy (or healthy, or anything else but thin). Likewise, being fat does not automatically make you unhealthy, and god knows there are a lot of sexy people out there with every different body type you can think of. To me, being sexy is being strong, being funny, being smart, being fun. Incidentally, none of these things inherently require a baring of undergarments.
So what's to be done if you're a ticked-off, fat, feminist vegan? Well, enter the contest, I guess! If nothing else, I figure I can have a little fun, get a rise out of some of the right folks, and raise a bit more awareness around animal rights, feminism and body-positivity all at the sametime. I can dream, right?
Please go HERE (http://tinyurl.com/yfpfdau) to vote for me. I'm hoping toget my big, fully-clothed ass on the first page. I'd love to see PETA's beauty standards disrupted for just a second by a different type of sexy, healthy, strong vegan lady!
And if you want proof of the aforementioned offenses, check out any of the following links:
http://tinyurl.com/przguf (Fat-phobic beach billboard)
http://tinyurl.com/6bnd8p (ads to be placed on the US-Mexico border) http://tinyurl.com/ygve276 (I'd rather go naked?)
http://tinyurl.com/yksvm34 ('Milk Gone Wild')
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2008|11:00 am]
The best text message I've sent in awhile:

"Dude why the fuck are you not here. There's a hose in the bathroom and I am slurring drunk."

I know, I'm a total catch.
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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2008|04:51 pm]
[Current Location |home! where the fucking internet now exists]
[music |holy molar]

this has been a really good week for some reason. good shows, good hang out time... work hasn't been insanely stressful, for once. i did, however, get in a fight with some douchey loudmouth bro kid at gilman last weekend, which was a real bummer, but the rest of the show and the night made up for it.

i got some great (very early) birthday presents from my family, including TWO gift boxes of pears from harry and david... those fucking pears. they were delivered to me at work and i pretty much flipped out- it was actually kind of embarrassing. seriously, though, those things are the most delicious food nature has ever created, pretty much.

i've been kind of sad about the world lately, lots of bad news and reminders of how fucked up things are in general, but i'm trying to counteract that by doing things that make me feel happy, and maybe some things that are good for the world, in some small way.
i'm writing to josh harper in prison for the first time, an i'm going to send him a book from ak, which i'm excited about. working at a publisher definitely has its advantages for getting things into prisons.
i'm also working on my massive zine-order from microcosm- 400 copies in all, plus some more just to have for general friend-giving, distro-selling purposes. i don't know if you've ever put together 400 zines, but it's a lot of fucking work. it is also, however, going to pay my rent for next month. fuck yes.

i had some good hang out time with gina and johnny and their friend patrick this weekend, and didn't get drunk and make a fool of myself this weekend like i did the last time i hung out with them a couple weeks ago. there's apparently a photo of me hugging a charles bronson record to myself and being the most stoked, drunk person alive, right before i flopped onto my back on the floor, i assume still holding it. i actually saw the picture, but still don't remember it being taken.
we made the best brunch ever today and watched the cramps live in napa state mental institution video from 1978, got some free coffee from gaylords, and basically fucking ruled at life.

i had a little date-with-myself bike ride into berkeley today, which was really nice. it was a beautiful day and i passed by a group of people sitting in this park on shattuck with bikes who, when they saw me looking at them as i rode by, all simultaneously waved like we were old friends. it was nice to ride without a destination, and it felt so good to be outside on a 62 degree sunny winter day.

i'm going to portland-tacoma-seattle in a week and a half with seth, tamar and maybe cassandra, and am amazingly excited. it's been way too long since i've been up the coast, and wayyy too long since i've seen some of those friends.
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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2007|11:40 pm]
gg, my cat, had to have over $700 of emergency medical care today, in addition to the $160 i spent just two days ago, and the bills are going to keep piling up over the next 24-48 hours while he has to stay at the vet's with an IV.

he has a blocked urinary tract that the vet said could have killed him.
being responsible for another life is really fucking terrifying. i have been crying for a lot of today, and making myself seem like even more of a crazy person than i actually am to everyone around me.

i don't really have close to a thousand dollars to spend on this, but it wasn't really a matter of choice, so there you go.

i'm thinking about trying to organize a benefit show ('save gg allin!' people would go for it), and i don't know what else, to try to get some of the money to cover this. my dad is giving me some, and seth will probably give me some, but right now it's all on my credit card and it really sucks.

i need to start selling like.... 10 times as many zines as i usually do. ha.

also, i just heard gunshots outside, so i decided to wait a little bit to go out and use the internet.
this is a stressful, unacceptable day.

anyway, um, if anyone has any ideas of how to make some money to pay for my kitty's life, or has any money that they want to give me for any reason, let me know and i'll be extremely appreciative.

p.s. when my friends are really nice and help me out and do things for me, i don't know what to do. but i really, really appreciate it. i try to be a good friend, and getting back what i give people, and more, is really wonderful.
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2006|10:47 pm]
life has been indescribably crazy in every possible way, so i won't even try to go into it, i think.

tomorrow i have an 'interview' at industrial tattoo, aka industrial strength. this interview consists of me going in and basically working for 5 hours so they can 'see how i do with customers' or something, which i kind of feel is just some kind of formality. i don't want to get my hopes up too much. but i feel like there's a really good possibility that i'll get the job.
it's just a counter job, but it could lead to something bigger, like an apprenticeship there (which would be a fucking awesome place to apprentice!), or at least a better chance somewhere else, since i'd have some good experience.

either way, my life is going to be ruined somehow. if i get it, school and ak and everything else will be fucked. if i don't get it, i'll have missed a really great opportunity. so wish me luck or something.

p.s. look at gg and my bike in the new icon! it's my family portrait!

p.p.s. still no internet at home. i'm sitting in the car stealing wireless.
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fuckin land boats [Sep. 13th, 2006|09:57 am]
"His study followed previous research that found many drivers saw cyclists as a group of "lycra-clad street-warriors.."

"This may lead drivers to believe cyclists with helmets are more serious, experienced and predictable than those without," he said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Walker found drivers passed an average of 3.3 inches (8.5 cm) closer to cyclists with a helmet than without, giving cyclists the room needed to avoid drain covers and potholes.

As part of his experiment, Walker also donned a blond wig and found drivers gave him an average of 5.5 inches more space when they passed what appeared to be a female cyclist."

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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2006|05:17 am]
today i rode on a motorcycle.
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2006|02:11 am]
note to selves:

make robin hood apparel (hat)
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2006|04:39 pm]
so comcast took away the internet because the guy who installed it originally pocketed my cash (presumably) and they think i haven't paid.

anyway, i'm online for a second at work. i'm planning to make the best of this internet free time by watching a lot of 6 feet under and reading and starting on new zines.
if you don't hear from me, assume the best.
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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2006|10:04 am]

red fucking alert.


fun times. i absolutely adore the color-coded threat rating system. i'm not making that up, i think it is the funniest thing in the world. i know i haven't talked about it in awhile, but don't think i've forgotten.
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