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nonstop spasmodic dance party

oh yes.

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9 February 1985
my journal is pretty much friends only now. you probably do not give the slightest fuck.

i had something here awhile ago, but it was ridiculous and outdated, so it left.

i write a vegan cookbook/zine called Barefoot and in the Kicthen. i will send one to you. cheap. hit me up.

and also, this:
baby development
a silver mt zion, ac/dc, adam ant, against all authority, against me!, ak press, am/fm, anal cunt, anarchism, anarcho punk, animal liberation, animal rights, anti-product, art, atom and his package, aus rotten, banjo, bass, bass guitar, bicycles, bikes, bikini kill, billy idol, blanks 77, bo diddley, bonzo dog band, books, brother inferior, buzzcocks, cancerslug, capitalist casualties, cat's cradle, cats, chris murray, circle jerks, conan o'brien, cooking, crass, crimethinc., cunt, dancing, danny elfman, dead kennedys, demented are go, devo, dogs, doom, drawing, dropdead, drums, dystopia, ella fitzgerald, fatboy slim, fear, fear and loathing, feminism, flux of pink indians, food, full moon partisans, garlic, gg allin, groovie ghoulies, his hero is gone, jets to brazil, johnny cash, kurt vonnegut jr., le tigre, louis armstrong, madness, making clothes, man or astroman?, menstruation, morphine, mu330, music, naked aggression, nausea, non-genetically engineered food, not driving, not having children, obsessively decorating everything, oi!, oingo boingo, omega tribe, operation ivy, os catalépticos, oxymoron, painting, pasta, peace punk, phobia, pickles, piercing, piercings, piss, poetry, polecats, polysics, prince buster, psychobilly, punk, reading, records, resist and exist, rita mae, rockabilly, seth, sewing, shows, singing (badly), ska, sleeping, splodge, star wars, subhumans, submission hold, subversion, takaru, tattoos, the (international) noise conspiracy, the aquabats, the clash, the cramps, the misfits, the pixies, the slackers, the specials, the templars, they might be giants, thrift stores, tofu, tom waits, toy dolls, traditional ska, trees, troublemaking, ucsc, union 13, veganism, vegetarianism, vinyl, violent femmes, wesley willis, white oleander, writing, x, x-ray spex, your mom, zines

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